Allergy Testing

There’s Been a Big Change in Allergy Skin Testing.

The skin tests are often known as prick testing. While the skin prick test sounds scary this test is relatively painless and no blood is drawn. An area on the back is selected and marked with a pen that itself won’t cause an allergic response. Then small amounts of the suspected allergens or extracts of the allergens are introduced to these areas and a prick is made in the skin (no needles are used). After 20 minutes the body’s reactions to the allergens are observed to determine which ones are causing the patient’s allergic symptoms.

multitestpc_2Multi-Test PC fits into Multi-Test® II extract wells, which are designed to prevent reversing device position.

multitestpc_3Allow touch posts to contact skin for one second and then press loaded Multi-Test PC firmly into skin at test sites.

multitestpc_4All test sites should show this impression on the skin with proper pressure.

multitestpc_5Multi-Test PC provides easy-to-read and highly reproducible histamine results.

Multi-Test® II Instructional Video

Multi-Test II is one of the most precise allergy tests in the world, offering a high degree of sensitivity, specificity, and low variability of results. Plus, it’s received well by patients and is quick, convenient, and easy to use.

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