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DefendEar® DIGITAL The Most Advanced Hearing Protection for Hunters and Shooters!

Hunter - Custom Ear MoldsWestone’s DefendEar Digital product line is the safest, most advanced hearing protection on today’s market for preventing hearing loss caused by harmful gunshot noise. Our custom-fit DefendEar DIGITAL products suppress potentially damaging gunshot noise while enhancing ambient sound to deliver increased awareness of the surrounding environment.


5 - Custom Ear Molds

Hunter Passive – NRR 4

Designed for use by hunters where the number of shots fired will be low. The Hunter Passive allows the user to hear their surrounding environment and freely communicate, but when shots are fired the built-in non-linear attenuation instantly reduces dangerous noise levels up to 26.7dB.

  • Instantly reduces dangerous noise levels
  • Allows conversation to be heard clearly
  • Hear surrounding environment and nearby game
  • Soft touch silicone for all day comfort

Best used for: Natural Hunting Environments, Low Caliber Firearms, Game Detection

1 - Custom Ear Molds

Digital 1 – NRR 26

The optimal hearing protection for any shooting environment!

  • Wind reduction
  • Extreme comfort
  • Excellent universal noise suppression
  • Ambient noise amplification

Best used for: Competition Shooting, Wing Shooting, Any Type of Game Hunting

2 - Custom Ear Molds

Digital 2 – NRR 26

The preferred hearing protection for high impact gunshot noise. Users may choose the best level of hearing protection specific to their shooting environment.
Best used for: Hunting Environments, Shooting Ranges
Game Mode: Ideal for any natural hunting environment where intermittent gunshot noise will occur.
Clay Mode: Designed to suppress continuous gunshot noise, and is ideal for any shooting range or area where rapid shots may occur.

4 - Custom Ear Molds

Digital Hunter – NRR26

The premier hearing protection option for any avid hunter with increased noise suppression for larger caliber firearms.

Best used for: Game Detection, Large Caliber Firearms, Windy Conditions
Normal Mode: Provides the most amplification of low volume sounds to detect game movement than any other DefendEar model.
Wind Mode: Reduces natural wind noise making it the obvious choice for hunting on the open range or in hunting stands during windy conditions.


Hearing Protection Accessories

7 - Custom Ear MoldsOto-Ease® Earpiece Lubricant

Oto-Ease is a sterile unscented lubricant for custom earpieces that is used to help make customs more easily insertable and removable in the ear. SKU # 54015


8 - Custom Ear MoldsHearing Protection Device (HPD) Zippered Accessory Pouch

The Zippered Pouch is a small carrying pouch that’s ideal for storing any hearing protection devices, and is
a convenient size so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go!
SKU # 42300 – Measures 4″x 3″

Slick-Sil is an anti-microbial, chemically bonded coating for silicone earpieces that creates a low friction surface for easy insertion. It is proven to be 99.99 percent effective against bacteria, germs and other pathogens. Slick-Sil is applied during the manufacturing process, don’t forget to add Slick-Sil to your order!