Non-Allergic Rhinitis

Are you experiencing a constant, runny nose and do not know the source of the problem? You’re not alone. Nearly twenty-two million Americans suffer from a condition called Vasomotor Rhinitis (VMR), most commonly known as Non-Allergic Rhinitis (NAR). Non-Allergic Rhinitis typically worsens with age; however, this condition is active in all age groups.


As its name implies, NAR is not a reaction to allergens or an infection. Some patients discover that their symptoms are connected to air pollution, alcohol, barometric pressure, food, fragrances, hormonal fluctuations or medications. To verify that a patient is suffering from NAR, it is necessary to rule out allergen- and sinus-related problems. We provide thorough testing to isolate and treat NAR.


Turbinates are projections attached to the side of the nasal passages, made of thin bone layers covered by skin(mucosa). The nasal turbinates perform several roles, all of which focus on enhancement of the breathing process.
One of the many functions includes filtering mucus, irritants and other contagions in the air. They also heat and humidify the air we breath, making it lung-friendly with a higher temperature and improved water saturation.
When suffering from a cold, battling allergies or any other irritant that causes nasal congestion, the inferior turbinate changes the most in size. The inferior turbinate can slowly change over time with chronic irritation. This can result in the inferior turbinates enlarging significantly and blocking the nasal air passages. Using an oral nasal decongestant or using a topical nasal spray can help shrink the inferior turbinate in order to improve your breathing.
Some patients continuously suffer from enlarged turbinates and feel congested. We treat the underlying problem; however, if medical treatment does not improve the swelling there are additional options. Our goal is a clearer passageway that enables our patients to breathe easier. As North County’s leading practitioners, San Diego Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists has acquired a reputation for excellent service. Are you tired of suffering from continuous nasal drip? Why not call us so that we can speak personally? Please contact us at 760-479-2100 or email us at