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Dr. Dent is such an amazing Doctor. He is so gentle and kind and loves caring for his patients. I recommend him to all of my friends and family, when they are in need of an ENT. It's such a great practice with an amazing staff.

Carol Butler, Dr. Dent's NP got me off to a good start to determine what may be causing issues with my hearing based on my sinuses. I'm looking forward to continuing with Dr. Dent and his staff to find a cause and appropriate treatment options.

Dr Dent treated my surfer's ear. He was professional and educated me on how to prevent my condition from returning. I hope I never have to go through it again, but if I did I would definitely see Dr Dent.

My ears were about 99% closed and I had gotten a bad infection in one of them -(something that was not normal for me). I had been wearing earplugs for 8+ years hoping to avoid the surgery. Not to be. I found Dr. Dent I believe thru a story on the surfy-surfy website (Encinitas Surfshop). I was ready to have the ear(s) drilled after suffering through a really bad 2 weeks of infection. Dr. Dent confirmed it was necessary (both ears) and we set the date.
The first ear was 33 days from surgery to back in the water. My left ear which was 98% closed is fully clear and I can hear better today than I have in the last 15 years. My right ear which is 99% closed is scheduled to go under the drill Sept 20, 2012 again with Stephen Dent MD of Encinitas. Dr. Dent is nothing short of awesome.
7 days since I had the right ear drilled (Sept 20th). I am pretty much off the pain meds. Tomorrow I get the antibiotic gel extracted from the ear so I expect to finally be able to hear. I've spoken with 2 guys who have had the surgery twice (only 1 ear I think) and yet the bone growth and discomfort (water stuck in ear) has returned. Both of these gentlemen shared that they have never worn earplugs. I'm 47 and likely had most bone growth occur from ages 20-35 when I surfed almost every day and did not wear earplugs. I wore earplugs (silicone variety) from 36-47 with no issues until last May when I had the really bad ear infection. Believe me when I say I was totally incapacitated for days and knew I never wanted that again. The problem with Extosis is the bone growth occurs and water/bacteria can get in but it cannot get out. I had the surgeries for one reason - so I would not get that horrible incapacitating infection again. The better hearing is merely a bonus.
The second ear was 21 days from surgery to water. Pretty amazing!
Dr. Dent is an excellent surgeon and was extremely open to all of my questions and concerns. Very compassionate. I will add that he is passionate in what he does and takes extremely good care of you.
I highly recommend him and his team.

Patrick L. San MarcosPatrick L. San MarcosYelp Review

If you want to get rid of your allergies go to Dr. Dent. The testing was easy, the oral drops are easy, in a matter of weeks my allergy attacks were gone. I used to have terrible allergy attacks that lasted for hours. None of the over the counter stuff worked. I also had surfer's ear for over 40 years. Dr. Dent did my left ear and got me back out in the water in about 6 weeks. Amazing, I'm telling all my surfer friends. I get my right ear done when I get back from Cabo;)

Dr. Dent has done two surfer's ear surgery on me 2 years apart. Both were very successful with no issues post op. As far as office visits he is on time, extremely efficient and a very nice guy. I wish all Doctors were like him. Thanks Dr. Dent

I've been to numerous ENTs in the past (and I mean A LOT!) and I have had the absolute best experience with Dr. Dent and his office. He really listens and takes time to get to know me and my personal symptoms and ear issues. He is thorough and extremely smart, investigating conditions and really working with me to help find a cure for my issue. I am so grateful I found Dr. Dent!

Dr. Dent is very thorough, considerate, and knowledgeable. This was my second visit and his entire staff is very understanding and complete in analyzing and correcting the problem. I am so happy I found this facility!

I was referred to Dr. Dent, by another one of my doctors, for a surgical procedure. Like one reviewer states, (There just isn't enough good things to say about Dr. Dent.) I found him to be compassionate, a great listener, calming when you're feeling anxious, very thorough and simply an "Outstanding" doctor. Thank you doc. Dent, and thank you for going to med. school.

Where do I begin?
Dr. Dent is a one of a kind physician in this "new world" of computerized patient records, which for many MDs results in the doctor typing away with his/her back to you during the entire appointment. That certainly is not the case with this physician. He is attentive, kind, knowledgable and skilled.
I came to him with totally l clogged sinuses; filled with many types of bacteria as well as Aspergillus fungus. We tried using the regular oral antibiotics, but to no avail. My drains were blocked, so none of the infectious material could drain out. He recommended a "balloonplasty." This is a very simple procedure where he goes into the sinus drains with a small tube that he inflates, thereby opening it. I consented, and it was a success. However, he met me in recovery, and showed me a picture. It was of one of my sinus cavities, and there appeared to be a small wire sticking out of one of my turbinates. Dr. Dent said, "Do you have any idea what this is?" I said, "I certainly do. That is one of the wires that was used in a jaw surgery back in 1978." He looked at me in disbelief. Apparently, the wire had dislodged from its location (holding my upper jaw to my skull,) and traveled up into my sinus cavity and attached itself to the bony structure up there.
We scheduled another surgery for a month later, and after also consulting with a very skilled oral surgeon, it was agreed that Dr. Dent would be able to perform this procedure himself, without assistance. (Since I have had many health issues and surgeries over the years, I definitely do my homework before I have ANYTHING done.)
So...............into surgery I went again.
Dr. Dent, was again, miraculously, successful. He was able to remove the wire in its entirety. It came out in three pieces, but IT CAME OUT. He said it was rusty and covered in pus. No wonder I had been dragging around for the past two years with recurrent infections! I forgot to mention that I also have a rare, genetic condition called Primary Immune Deficiency. This means my immune system does not work properly, and I can't fight off infections or viruses (or fungus) with the same proficiency that normal people can.
Since that second surgery (Valentine's Day 2013,) my sinuses and nasal passages have remained clear. I have only had to use antibiotics once, as opposed to being on them every month for at least 2 weeks at a time.
My most recent CT scan, done a month ago, came back TOTALLY NORMAL. This is the first time in approximately EIGHT YEARS that my sinuses have been clear.
Wouldn't you agree that this man has totally changed my life?
Julianne M. Noll

I went to Dr. Dent for an Inferior Turbinate Reduction to help me w/life long allergy issues. I did not feel any pain before or after procedure. I slept comfortably and look forward to enjoying labor free breathing when I am fully healed.

Dr. Dent is the best. At first I found it hard to get on the schedule as a new patient but after working with him I realize why. He is an incredible doctor helped me through a sinus surgery and getting my tonsils out and recently with a blown ear drum. after surgery if i left a message he always responded very promptly. I would never hesitate to go back to Dr. Dent!

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What an awesome experience! The ladies and Gentlemen who greeted me and took my paperwork were sweet and helpful. I was impressed with the decor of the office and the punctuality of the team. I don't have insurance and they discounted my services significantly.

I am so grateful for the services that C. Butler the NP provided me today. I came in for an ear problem, but before she did anything she explained everything she would do and made sure that I was comfortable. When I told her I was in pain she stopped and did what she could to alleviate the hurt. I sensed the compassion she had and it made me feel good to know she cared. I feel as though these qualities are rare in healthcare and something to be valued. Thank you Nurse Butler!

Dr Dent is Excellant. I am a retired Dentist, and am very aware of Head and Neck anatomy. I had sinus issues and first went to Dr. Dent in 2010. I had sinus surgery as a result of his exam and diagnosis and radiology reports. It went very well, and my problem of many years was resolved.
I recently returned to Dr. Dent because of another sinus infection I got traveling overseas. I was unable to resolve it myself with sinus rinses. Dr Dent was already prepared when I came in; he had looked at all my previous records and the videos of my sinus etc. I am now using antibiotics for the next month in a sinus rinse and hope to eliminate the sinus infection. He told me if that does not work I will get a CAT SCAN and return to hime.
Excellent staff, courteous, prompt, and follow through. I am very pleased.

I CANNOT say enough good things about Dr. Dent and his staff.

I went to Dr. Dent for some tissue on my tongue that would not heal. He kept on eye on it for a while before ultimately deciding that we needed to biopsy it. The pathology came back cancerous and my whole world fell out from under me the moment he told me. However, he is so calm and so confident and laid out his plan while I sat there, completely speechless. I left scared, but confident in his approach and in his care. He also supported the fact that I wanted to get a second opinion with an oncologist and even consulted with her when she recommended I get a PET scan.

He removed the tumor at Scripps La Jolla and luckily the lymph nodes that he sampled were clean. After my surgery, my family was super impressed with not only his professionalism and sensitivity but also the way he was able to communicate how the procedure had gone.

He and Jennifer (his assistant) were so helpful and answered any and all questions (day and night) that my husband and I had during one of the scariest times we've ever gone through. I cannot emphasize enough how much their professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care for their patients is part of every single thing that they do.

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This past December I got a sore throat that turned into a pretty bad sinus infection that would not clear up on its own. I haven't needed an ENT for over 25 years since I had a tonsillectomy. But the issue I was having eventually caused me to loose my voice completely. I am an RN and I work at an outpatient facility that Dr. Dent has privileges at. He is known in North County has THE best ENT doctor. I called over to his office and explained to his staff what was going on with me - the staff was wonderful! They knew I needed to be seen quickly and got me an appointment the very next day with his physician assistant, Bret Noland. I wanted to see Dr. Dent but I was unable to wait for a new patient appointment. I was grateful that they fit me in at all with the PA on such short notice. I was very happy with Bret. He really helped me. Bret spent a good deal of time with me diagnosing my problem. He gave me the right medication, the right advice and within two days my voice returned.
The office scheduled me to follow up with Dr. Dent in a couple of weeks but I didn't need to because within a week - I was 100% back to myself.
I ran into Dr. Dent at my work the following week and told him how happy I was!
I also have to tell you that his office is sparkling clean and his staff were wonderful to me.
His patients love him. Many patients that I meet tell me how much he has helped them. I also have noticed how far some of his surgery patients travel to have him has their doctor - that speaks volumes to me.
The nurses at my work really like working with him. They have told me he is their favorite doctor to work with in the operating room. In nurse world, that's a big compliment.