Spring Surfing Season and Surfer’s Ear

Spring is known to bring both North and South Pacific swells, which is great for beach-breaks.  The season also brings some very powerful northwest wind swells which cool the water. With these onshore winds, you can expect bone chilling water temperatures.  These surfing conditions are perfect for developing surfer’s ear (exostosis).  If you believe you may have surfer’s ear and need assistance, call Stephen Dent MD at (760) 479-2100.  As a board certified otolaryngologist, he has aided hundreds of surfers in Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside, and Solana Beach.

How Did I Get Surfers Ear?

If you surf in colder waters, the continuous exposure to the cold winds and water can lead to the growth of bone structures in the ear. While surfing, your ear canal gets pounded with chilly water which is further cooled by sweeping winds.  This stimulates bone growth in your ear canal which lead to narrowing of the the opening of your ear canal.  The more you surf in these conditions, the higher your chance of the narrowing. As this occurs earwax, water, and any contaminants have a propensity to get trapped causing reoccurring ear infections.  Serious ear infections can disable even the best of surfers.

Surfer’s Ear Treatment and Protection

There are several approaches to treating surfer’s ear. Stephen Dent MD uses modern strategies that are proven to reduce damaged hearing and recovery time.  After examining your specific condition, Stephen Dent will recommend the best method.  The best way to avoid surfer’s ear is to wear a neoprene hood and earplugs.

Are you dealing with the ailing effects of surfer’s ear?  Don’t suffer in vain.  Schedule an appointment online with us today or call (760) 479-1200 to speak with us.